Plasma treatment for in-line processes


Product Description

The FlexTRAK™ is the latest addition to the March TRAK series, and is a highly configurable, high-throughput plasma system. Its universal architecture accommodates a multitude of material handling configurations to support a wide assortment of variable-size form factors. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control enable unmatched short cycle times, while its slim structure minimizes floor space requirements.

Key Features

  • High-throughput capability of up to 480 substrates or process carriers per hour.
  • Three-axis symmetrical chamber ensures all positions of the product are treated uniformly.
  • Easily Integrates with a variety of process equipment, Including wire bond, die attach, dispense, mold and marking equipment.
  • Ultimate application flexibility for direct, downstream and Ion-free (patent-pending) plasma.
  • Which allows treatment without exposure to the direct plasma glow discharge.
  • Compact, three-axis symmetrical chamber and proprietary process control for unmatched process uniformity.
  • Industry-leading throughput capacity with short cycle times.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions (W X D X H): 382 x 1210 x 1595 mm
  • FlexTRACK Weight: 430 kg (948 lbs)
  • FlexTRACK-S Weight: 315 kg (1213 lbs)
  • Software Control: PLC Control with Windows Based Touch screen interface
  • Maximum Volume: 5.5 Liters – FlexTRACK-S: 9.6 Liters
  • FlexTRACK-CD Working Area: 305 x 305 mm
  • FlexTRACK-CDS Working Area: 305 x 560 mm
  • Standard Wattage: 600 W
  • Maximum Number of MFCs: 3
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Standard Wet Pump: 19.5 cfm with Oxygen Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Optional Purged Dry Pump: 16 cfm
  • N2 Purged Pump Flow: 2 slm
  • Power Requirements: 220 VAC, 15A, 50/60 Hz, 1-Phase, 12 AWG, 3-Wire
  • Process Gas Fitting Size & Type: 6.35 mm OD Swagelok Tube
  • Process Gas Purity: Lab or Electronic Grade
  • Process Gas Pressure: 0.69 bar (10 psig) min. to 1.03 bar (15 psig) max., regulated

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