Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment removes impurities, activates surfaces, and improves wicking speed and flow, promoting void-free adhesion and encapsulation in conformal coating, advanced semiconductor packaging, and PCBA applications. When you prevent voids, you prevent corrosion, suppress dendrite growth, and protect against the daily use and abuse that undermines joint reliability.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is a partially ionized gas mixture consisting of ions, free radicals, neutral byproducts, and photons. Plasma is an electrically neutral mixture of physically and chemically active gas phase species capable of surface modification.
The surface modification is the result of the interaction between the gas phase active species and a solid surface. The active species within the plasma are cable of both physical work via ion assisted sputtering and chemical work through radical or byproduct chemical reaction. As a result, plasma can perform numerous surface modification processes including surface activation, contamination removal, cross linking, etch by chemical reaction, and physical bombardment.