PCB Inspection

Advanced 3D inspection systems are pivotal in PCB manufacturing, offering unparalleled accuracy and speed that revolutionize both solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) processes. These systems are adept at handling a diverse array of material and surface conditions, significantly reducing equipment costs and streamlining operational requirements.

Our cutting-edge technology specializes in inspecting a wide range of PCB components, thereby elevating the standards of quality control in electronics manufacturing. The innovative capabilities of our systems extend beyond traditional inspection methods. They include detailed bottom-side inspection and precise conformal coating analysis, ensuring comprehensive quality assessment.

Key features of our 3D inspection systems include:

  • Exceptional measurement accuracy and image quality, crucial for identifying even the most subtle defects in solder paste application and component placement.
  • Flexible programming and adaptability to rapidly changing production needs, accommodating both small-scale prototypes and large-volume manufacturing.
  • Advanced 3D technology that excels in miniaturization contexts, effectively conducting presence checks and detailed analysis of solder joints.
  • Utilization of multiple angled cameras and 3D strip projection, which provide a true-to-life 3D display from various viewing angles, enhancing defect classification and reliability.