Complete Software Solution for NPI

Accelonix Software is a strategic division of the Accelonix Group, established over a decade ago to meet the growing demand from our customers for software solutions tailored to the world of PCB manufacturing.

Accelonix Software provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline New Product Introduction (NPI) in the electronic circuit manufacturing industry. This suite includes:

FabXpert: A versatile software solution for program creation in manufacturing and testing, offering modules for various manufacturing needs, emphasizing ease of use and rapid development.
DocXpress: A tool focused on creating detailed documentation for PCB manufacturing, featuring user-friendly and dynamic functionalities tailored to the electronics industry.
CoverageXpert: An interactive tool for non-programmatic test coverage analysis of electronic boards, capable of generating detailed coverage reports.
ViewXpress: A data viewer that comprehensively reads all project data, from CAD files to electrical schematics and documents created with DocXpress.
RepairXpert: A diagnostic and repair station software that combines simplicity with innovative features, streamlining the testing and repair process.
StatXpert: A software providing statistical analysis of production data, including standard deviation calculations and interactive graphical tools for visualizing measurement changes over time.
Inspection Xpress: A tool for fast and reliable 100% board analysis, utilizing an innovative image capture process suitable for first-board inspection, prototyping, small-series production, and final quality control.

Overall, Accelonix Software’s suite is designed to enhance efficiency and quality across various stages of electronic circuit manufacturing, from program creation and documentation to testing, repair, and final inspection.

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