Thermal Warpage And Strain Metrology

Akrometrix is the global leader in the thermal warpage and strain metrology markets. Based on Shadow Moirè fringe technology and on a modular methodology, the systems will provide warpage metrology over a temperature range from -50 to +300°C at 3°C per second with a z-axis resolution to 0.85 µm. Users will be able to measure substrate & component warpage at room temperature and at critical temperature thresholds, understand the mating interface and coplanarity between two substrates and will be able to observe and measure how temperature affects strain on materials.
A range of systems will cater for substrates up to 610 x 600 mm, with modules to cater for step height measurement and for strain and coefficient of thermal expansion.
Warpage can be assessed over a programmable temperature range for individual die, components, PCB’s, and targeted regions of fully populated boards on virtually any substrate. The systems are supplied with the Akrometrix Studio Software Suite.

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