Connect Track Trace Control & Analyze

Cogiscan offers a comprehensive suite of AI-based solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) manufacturers, enhancing connectivity and data management from the shop floor to enterprise level. Their IIoT Platform and Shop Floor Control systems streamline manufacturing processes, while MES/MOM systems manage and monitor operations. Co-NECT ensures seamless integration within the manufacturing environment, and their Traceability tools track components throughout the production cycle. Used by top global EMS companies, Cogiscan’s solutions focus on maximizing ROI and efficiency, adaptable to the unique digitalization needs of each factory.

Their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions are tailored to optimize manufacturing operations, ensuring efficient process management and monitoring. The Co-NECT feature ensures smooth connectivity and integration within the manufacturing environment, enhancing operational efficiency.

A key aspect of Cogiscan’s offerings is their focus on Traceability, providing tools to track and trace components and processes throughout the manufacturing cycle. This ensures quality control and accountability at every stage of production.

Cogiscan’s solutions are recognized for their effectiveness in increasing efficiency in factories, as evidenced by their adoption by top global EMS companies. Their approach to factory digitalization covers all levels of the manufacturing IT landscape, offering adaptability to meet the unique digitalization needs of each factory.