Ultrasonic Welding

A fusion of Ultrasonic Welding and Wire Bonding Excellence. Hesse’s ultrasonic ‘Smart’ Welding is the leading-edge technology in producing ultrasonically metal welded connections. This is due to increased process control driving the limits of connecting different material combinations (e.g. for applications like power electronics and battery packs).

Smart Welders can precisely position a sonotrode to a product and with the help of image recognition determine the exact weld location. Optimal trajectory is determined to make a quick and accurate welding process. Application specific sonotrodes allow for small pitch and compact products or higher power density applications. Further advanced functions include touchdown sensing, precise and dynamic contact force control, diverse process control features such as monitoring of ultrasonic characteristics and deformation.

Smart Welders can, like ultrasonic wire bonders, provide important quality data by monitoring in real time every individual weld.  Discover the advanced capabilities of the ultrasonic smart welding, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries requiring precise ultrasonic welding solutions.

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