Dual-Head Leadframe Wedge Wire Bonder (Heavy Wire)


Product Description

The Bondjet BJ931, Fully Automatic Dual-Head Leadframe Wedge Bonder is an ultrasonic wedge bonder developed especially for maxtrix leadframe applications. The application of two bondheads enables two different wire sizes as well as a combination of wire and ribbon to be bonded simultaneously. The fully automatic dual-head leadframe wedge bonder Bondjet BJ931 meets the latest technology and flexibility demands for automotive and power electronics applications; handling heavy aluminium, copper wire and ribbon on two specialized bondheads that can be exchanged. A robust, clean design, low maintenance requirements, user-friendly software and service support functions are integrated into the Bondjet BJ931, along with Hesse Mechatronics’ industry-leading PiQC™ process monitoring system.

Key Features

  • Precisely programmable bond force actuator
  • Wear-free components with Piezo technology
  • Maintenance-free solid state joints
  • Integrated, non-destructive pull test for wire and ribbon
  • Automated bond force calibration
  • Rapid image capture with new digital image processing and flashlight illumination
  • E-Box solution for optimized tool change and programmable alignment marks for cutter, wire guide and bond wedge
  • Central wedge bonder control system
  • Highest UPH due to linear motors for bonder and indexer
  • Continuous real time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer current and frequency within programmable control limits
  • Process integrated Quality Control PiQC

Technical Specification

  • Working area X: 100 mm (3.9″), Y: 90 mm (3.5″), Z: 42 mm (1.65″) P: 440°
  • Bond Heads include: HBK (Frontcut, Backcut), RBK Ribbon (Frontcut), RBK Copper (Frontcut, Backcut) Frequency: 60 kHz*; alternative frequencies on request
  • Cutting methods: Active, Passive, Air Cut (for frontcut)
  • Wire: Al, Cu, AlCu: 50 μm – 600 μm** (2 mil – 24 mil)
  • Ribbon: Al, Cu, AlCu: 250 μm x 25 μm up to 2000 μm x 400 μm** (Cu: 200 μm)
  • Digital ultrasonic generator with PLL (Phase Locked Loop), internal frequency resolution <1 Hz
  • Programmable ultrasonic power output
  • Strip dimensions : 100 mm – 280 mm length, 15 mm – 90 mm width, max. 3.0 mm down-set

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