UV Light Drying System


Product Description

The RDS UV from Rehm Thermal Systems is a compact dryer specifically developed for curing UV coatings and adhesives. This system is designed to meet the demands of declining cycle times in coating processes, offering fast and reliable hardening. The RDS UV is particularly effective for curing solvent-free UV coatings, which are easy to process and environmentally friendly.

These coatings are increasingly used in various industries, including automotive for corrosion protection of electronic components, as well as in cosmetics, household appliances, and musical instruments. The RDS UV ensures fast and straightforward hardening of UV coatings, typically within seconds, and is highly energy-efficient due to its adjustable exhaust air volume flow and short heating phase.

Key Features

  • Compact design specialized for curing UV coatings and adhesives
  • Fast hardening times, suitable for processes with declining cycle times
  • Environmentally friendly, ideal for solvent-free UV coatings
  • Versatile use across multiple industries, including automotive, cosmetics, and household appliances
  • Energy-efficient operation with adjustable exhaust air volume flow and rapid heating
  • High power density, suitable for continuous operation
  • Energy-saving mode and fast start from standby operation
  • Homogeneous intensity distribution and stable lighting performance

Technical Specification

  • Adjustable distance to the transport level from 50 mm to 100 mm
  • Transport width adjustable from 80 – 480mm
  • Equipped with undoped mercury medium pressure lamps, 120 W/cm, with a lifespan of over 8000 hours
  • Optional UV LED fields with integrated air cooling system, lifespan of 20,000 hours
  • Pin chain conveyor for safe, stable transport of circuit boards
  • Visu operating software with intuitive touch interface for easy operation and process documentation

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