Universal Bond Tester


Product Description

The Royce 650 bond tester is the latest bond tester by Royce, which can be used to pull test, bond shear and die shear. It benefits from very user friendly software, which can be readily networked, and industry leading accuracy. The 650 system can automatically collate and export a wide variety of SPC data, to ensure that quality of production can be easily tracked. Based on field-proven technology, the Royce 650 Universal Bond Tester offers the most robust selection of capabilities in the Royce bond tester family, from the full range of standard test applications through custom testing. This high-end instrument is versatile and powerful enough to meet your complete bond testing needs.

Key Features

  • Wide range of applications including wire pull, ball bond shear, die shear, solder ball (bump) shear, zone shear, cold ball pull, tweezer/gripper pull, stud pull, die strength 3-point bend (push) test, heated testing, and custom testing to user specifications.
  • One-button microscope height adjustment: Simply pressing a switch on the front panel adjusts the microscope to a comfortable height and the motor-driven microscope smoothly follows an arc path which keeps it in focus effortlessly.
  • Large stage travel – With an X-axis travel over 300 mm and a Y-axis travel over 150 mm of the servo driven XY stage the Royce 650 easily accommodates up to 300 mm wafers and substrates, lead frames and large electronic modules.
  • Sophisticated digital image capture options, high magnification and wide-zoom-range image capture options are available for factory or field installation
  • Ultra Fine Pitch (UFP) Capable
  • Ribbon Bond Testing for Standard to High-Power Devices
  • Die Shear up to 200 kgf
  • Robust Test Modules with Range Switching, On Board Calibration Memory and Tool Protection

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Wire Pull Test Force: 10kgf
  • Maximum Shear Test Force: 200kgf
  • Z Resolution: ±0.1μm
  • 305mm x 155mm Stage for 300mm Wafers, Leadframes or Substrates
  • Maximum Push Test Force (3 Point Die Strength Test): 10kgf
  • Part Manipulation: Joystick-Controlled Motorized XY Table (305mm x 155mm)
  • Step Back Accuracy: ±1μm Over 2 mil Travel
  • Total System Accuracy: ±0.1%
  • X, Y Resolution:<1 μm
  • Computer: Internal Windows PC with Bond Test Manager

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