Ultrasonic Smart Welding

Smart Welder SW1085

Product Description

Hesse Mechatronics SW1085 Smart Welder combines the best of two technologies: the force and ultrasonic power of ultrasonic welding equipment and the flexibility, precision, speed and advanced process control features of wire bonding machines. With one of the largest working areas, the Smart Welder SW1085 is perfectly suited to handle a large variety of products, whilst providing producers of medium-sized ultrasonic welded connections with increased process control and freedom of design for the next generation of capable, efficient and cost-effective designs in power electronics, battery packs and other applications. Individual automation concepts adapted for every application.

Key Features

Advanced features and process advantages

  • Better UPH: Only one welding point instead of a complete connection
  • Unbeatable in positioning and clearance
  • Image recognition for detection and correction of the weld location
  • Active vertical axis
  • Wide range of US power (for flex PCB up to lead frame applications)
  • Narrow pitch and deep access due to long, narrow welding tools and pattern recognition supported positioning
  • Perfect US exposure by rotating weld head
  • Touchdown sensor to avoid damage to sensitive contact partner
  • Precise and dynamic force control
  • Programmable welding maps with multi interval processes
  • Individual parameters per spot
  • Flexibility to handle a large variety of products
  • Standardized interfaces for line integration
  • Automotive accepted process control (PiQC, patented)
  • Automated bond tool calibration without wedge gauge
  • Wear-free components with Piezo technology
  • Maintenance-free solid state joints
  • Pre-setting of weld heads


  • Working area: 370 mm x 870 mm
  • Flexible use of the working area, e.g. vacuum clamping
  • Maximisation of throughput by automation (two/more parallel lanes)

Technical Specification


  • Process integrated Quality Control (PiQC)
  • Real time monitoring of every weld (deformation, friction etc..)

Mechatronic weld head

  • From 200 W up to 1500 W
  • P-axis and rotation: 440° (only for hybrid machines)


  • Digital ultrasonic generator with PLL (Phase Locked Loop), internal frequency resolution <1 Hz
  • Programmable ultrasonic power output

Footprint and weight

  • WxDxH – 880 x 1780 x 2144 mm
  • Approx 1850 kg (4409 lbs)

Media connectivity

  • Compressed air (high purity) 6 – 10 bar
  • Vacuum (optional for material handling)
  • Single phase, 50 60Hz, 230VAC +/ 10%
  • USB Ports
  • SMEMA connection
  • Gigabit Ethernet (TCP/IP)

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