Semi-Automatic Vapor Phase Soldering System

Condenso XS Smart

Product Description

The CondensoXS smart from Rehm Thermal Systems is a highly flexible condensation soldering system, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern electronics manufacturing. Its innovative chamber design, which opens and closes vertically, ensures optimum hermetic sealing for reliable and reproducible soldering results. The system is versatile, supporting both manual and automatic loading and unloading, and can handle assemblies up to 650 x 650 mm. The CondensoXS smart is particularly suited for partially automated production environments with medium-sized production volumes, offering flexible cooling options, vacuum capabilities, and the patented injection principle for consistent soldering processes.

Key Features

  • New chamber design with vertical opening/closing for optimal hermetic sealing
  • Flexibility in loading and unloading, supporting both manual and automatic operations
  • Flexible cooling options, including air cooling and liquid cooling in the process chamber
  • Vacuum capability for greater reliability of soldered joints by reducing voids
  • Suitable for medium-sized production volumes in a partially automated environment
  • Standard air cooling in the cooling section, with optional water cooling for large, heavy boards
  • Adjustable LP edge supports and center support for heavier assemblies
  • Flexible cooling gradients achievable for different assembly requirements

Technical Specification

  • Maximum assembly size: 500 x 540mm (W x L)
  • Clearance top: 50mm (75mm) / bottom 25mm (0mm)
  • ViCON Condenso software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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