Product Flow Controller for SMT Line


Product Description

Cogiscan’s Product Flow Controller (PFC) is designed to enhance visibility and control over SMT production lines. This solution ensures that production does not proceed to the next step unless all required components, materials, and tools are correctly positioned. By controlling SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) interfaces, the PFC effectively stops production in the event of critical issues, thereby ensuring process integrity and product quality.

Key Features

  • Open Architecture: Offers flexible integration options with other software applications, including Cogiscan’s or third-party enterprise systems.
  • Production Interlocking: Physically interlocks the production line to prevent PCBAs from moving to the next machine in case of detected errors.
  • Unique ID Tracking: Ensures a 100% read-rate of PCB barcodes at every required scan point.
  • Advanced Scanning Capabilities: Supports multiple scanner types for both top and bottom scanning of PCBAs.
  • Process Control and Validation: Automatically disables production when moisture-sensitive devices or time-sensitive materials have expired.

Technical Specification

  • Improved Production Yield: Stops the line when any machine, material, or process issues are detected.
  • Guaranteed Process Control: Ensures all products follow the correct sequence of process steps as required by the manufacturing route.
  • Enhanced Machine Data Capture: Captures PCBA IDs at each key scan point, especially for legacy machines without scanning functionality.

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