Optimization and Intelligence for PCBA Data Management

Data Management Suite

Product Description

Cogiscan’s Data Management solutions offer a comprehensive approach to handling factory-level data in the electronics manufacturing sector. These solutions are designed to simplify the process of collecting, storing, accessing, and exchanging data from various sources. By consolidating data in a central repository and enriching it with domain-specific context, Cogiscan ensures that your manufacturing data is not only accessible but also meaningful and actionable.

Key Features

  • Centralized data repository: Efficient management and storage of factory-level data.
  • Open architecture platform: Facilitating easy data sharing, including multiple standardized interfaces for enterprise data exchange.
  • Domain-specific data enrichment: Tailored for the electronics manufacturing environment.
  • Quick and easy access to data: Multi-database structure ensuring minimal latency.
  • Robust performance: Built on a platform with over 20 years of use in mission-critical factory systems.
  • Proven integration: With leading commercial and proprietary software systems in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Technical Specification

  • Central Repository: A single, unified location for all factory-level data collection and consolidation.
  • Open Architecture: Includes multiple interfaces (DB, RPC web service API, OLAP) for seamless enterprise data exchange.
  • Enterprise SW Interfaces: A large library of interfaces for ERP, MRP, PLM, MES, MOM, and other major systems.
  • Performance: Multi-server, multi-database architecture capable of handling high-volume data processing and retrieval.
  • Platform Maturity: Over 20 years of deployment in large-scale, mission-critical electronics manufacturing environments.

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