Manual Vapor Phase Soldering System

Condenso XC

Product Description

The CondensoXC from Rehm Thermal Systems is a compact yet high-performance condensation soldering system, ideal for laboratory applications, small series production, or prototyping. This system stands out for its patented injection principle, which ensures reproducible soldering processes with optimum profiling. The CondensoXC is designed to be space-efficient, with a footprint of just 2.3m², making it particularly suitable for environments where space is at a premium. It offers the option of soldering under an inert atmosphere and can perform void-free soldering with a vacuum option, significantly increasing the reliability of assemblies.

Key Features

  • Patented injection principle for precise and reproducible soldering processes
  • Compact design with a small footprint, ideal for limited space environments
  • Capability of soldering under an inert atmosphere for optimum results
  • Vacuum option available for void-free soldering, enhancing assembly reliability
  • Efficient and sustainable system engineering
  • Space-saving design with a footprint of only 2.3m²
  • Suitable for laboratory applications, small series production, and prototyping
  • Manual front loading with interchangeable product carriers
  • Gentle cooling using convection after the soldering process
  • Designed for flexible use irrespective of the production environment

Technical Specification

  • Maximum assembly size: 500 x 540mm (W x L)
  • Clearance: top 80mm / bottom 20mm
  • ViCON Condenso software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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