Live Dashboards for SMT Assembly

FI Real Time

Product Description

Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence (FI) Real-Time is a cutting-edge solution designed to efficiently monitor SMT assembly lines and machine performance across the entire PCB manufacturing factory. This platform provides an up-to-date snapshot of the entire production floor, allowing users to track the current status of all lines and machines, monitor work order progress, and view detailed, machine-specific metrics for both line performance and product quality. FI Real-Time is an essential tool for maintaining a comprehensive overview of manufacturing operations.

Key Features

  • Live Dashboards: Real-time monitoring of SMT assembly lines with dynamic, up-to-date visualizations.
  • Playback Feature: Ability to review past production events for detailed analysis and insights.
  • Web Interface: Accessible on any device with a web browser, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Customizable KPIs: Tailor key performance indicators for each machine, line, or factory to meet specific operational needs.
  • 30-Seconds Refresh Rate: Ensures data is updated every 30 seconds, allowing for immediate reaction to production issues.
  • Line & Machine Views: Detailed views of work orders, lines, and machines, with KPIs specific to each machine type.

Technical Specification

  • Device Compatibility: Built-in responsive display technology for optimal viewing on various devices.
  • Data Customization: Extensive SMT-specific metrics database for selecting relevant and meaningful KPIs.
  • Accessibility: Centralized, easily accessible dashboards for status updates from anywhere, including remote locations.
  • Flexibility: Configurable metrics at the factory, line, and machine level to focus on relevant data.
  • Real-Time Insights: Provides complete visibility of line and machine status, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

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