Inline Automatic Vapor Phase Soldering System

Condenso Smart Line

Product Description

The Condenso smartline from Rehm Thermal Systems is an advanced condensation soldering system designed for high-throughput production environments requiring a fully automated inline connection. This system streamlines the soldering process, starting with automatic loading directly from the feed conveyor. The process chamber, which can be flooded with nitrogen, conducts the soldering process efficiently. If needed, cooling under liquid can be integrated as an option. After soldering, the product carrier moves to the cooling zone, where assemblies cool down to the optimal temperature before automatic unloading onto a downstream conveyor belt. The system also features an integrated goods carrier return transport, making it space-saving and low-maintenance.

Key Features

  • Fully automated inline connection for high-throughput production environments
  • Integrated goods carrier return transport for space efficiency
  • Traceability and MES connection for full traceability of each assembly
  • Vacuum option for greater reliability of soldered joints by reducing voids
  • Active GaldenĀ® filtering for an environmentally friendly and material-efficient process
  • Automatic loading with a pusher from a feed conveyor
  • Process chamber capable of being flooded with nitrogen
  • Optional cooling under liquid in the process chamber
  • Cooling zone for optimal temperature reduction post-soldering

Technical Specification

  • Maximum assembly size: 650 x 650 mm (W x L)
  • Clearance: top 50mm (75mm) / bottom 25mm (0mm)
  • ViCON Condenso software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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