Infra Red / Convection Curing System

RDS Lacquer

Product Description

The RDS Lacquer drying system from Rehm Thermal Systems is an innovative solution for drying a wide range of materials, especially lacquers and castings containing solvents. This system employs a combination of infrared radiation (IR) and convection heating, ensuring reliable and efficient drying.

The RDS Lacquer dryer is designed with top and bottom side heating systems, providing targeted airflow for reproducible temperature profiles. This system is energy-efficient, featuring a cooling zone segmented for optimum cooling. Its exceptional thermal insulation and adjustable temperatures allow for precise profiling of drying processes, perfectly adapted to product requirements.

Key Features

  • Combination of IR and convection heating for efficient drying of lacquers and castings containing solvents
  • Top and bottom side heating systems for targeted and even airflow
  • Exceptional thermal insulation for precise temperature control
  • Energy-efficient cooling zone, segmented for optimal cooling performance
  • Flexible transport systems, including single lane, dual lane, or heavy load transport
  • Exhaust system and integrated extraction for safe removal of solvents
  • Optional air or water-cooled cooling unit for lower outlet temperatures

Technical Specification

  • Flexible transport options: single lane (80 – 460mm), dual lane (2 x 90 – 250mm), or heavy load transport
  • ViCON software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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