Fully Automatic Vapor Phase Soldering System (Carrier Return System)

Condenso X-Line

Product Description

The CondensoX-Line by Rehm Thermal Systems is a sophisticated condensation soldering system that seamlessly integrates into standard SMD lines, offering a vacuum soldering process. This system is designed to produce void-free solder joints in a completely inert process environment, making it ideal for various applications, including standard assemblies with BGA components or DCB substrates for power electronics. The CondensoX-Line’s unique 3-chamber system enables low cycle times for inert soldering processes. Its final gas-tight cooling chamber uses variable convection to ensure controlled and rapid cooling of assemblies, meeting the highest requirements for series production of power electronics.

Key Features

  • Integration into standard SMD lines with a vacuum soldering process
  • Capable of producing void-free solder joints in a completely inert environment
  • 3-chamber system for efficient cycle times in inert soldering processes
  • Gas-tight cooling chamber with variable convection for controlled, rapid cooling
  • Traceability and MES connection for full traceability of each assembly
  • Suitable for standard assemblies with BGA components or DCB substrates for power electronics
  • Process chamber suitable for vacuum and can be flooded with nitrogen or forming gases
  • Option to use formic acid for flux-free process control

Technical Specification

  • Maximum assembly size: 650 x 650 mm (W x L)
  • Clearance: top 60mm (85mm) / bottom 20mm (0mm)
  • Pre-chamber for nitrogen flooding and pre-inerting
  • Less than 100 ppm O2 in the inert process environment
  • ViCON Condenso software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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