Flexible Convection Reflow Oven

Vision XS

Product Description

The VisionXS from Rehm Thermal Systems is an innovative convection soldering system that excels in flexibility and efficiency. Its standout feature is the adaptable transport system, which allows for precise customization of transport tracks and speeds to fit specific production environments. This system is part of the Vision series, available in various lengths and transport options, offering immense adaptability in the production process. The VisionXS is designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning, thanks to features like cold condensation for easy liquid residue removal and a Power Cooling Unit for gentle, multistage cooling of assemblies.

Key Features

  • Flexible transport system for customized track and speed settings
  • Modular system concept for varied production needs
  • Integrated cold condensation option for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Power Cooling Unit for gentle, multistage cooling of assemblies
  • User-friendly maintenance with sustainable materials and durable components
  • Available in different lengths with various transport options
  • Flexible setting of transport tracks and speeds
  • Cold condensation for simple cleaning of condensed liquid residue
  • Extended cooling line options for large, high-mass, or sensitive assemblies
  • All ovens have the option of either air or nitrogen atmosphere

Technical Specification

  • The Vision XS system is modular and can be tailored to customer requirements depending on expected throughput. Options start with 6 preheat, 3 peak, and 3 cooling zones (System Length: 6050mm) up to 9 preheat, 4 peak, and 4 cooling zones (System Length: 7450mm).
  • Quick Exhaust feature for rapid temperature cooling and process atmosphere extraction.
  • Integrated 3 stage flux residue management system for cleaning process gas with optional Pyrolysis Unit.
  • ViCON Vision software for intuitive operation and process monitoring.

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