Compact Welding System

Alpha Series

Product Description

Entry-Level Gloveboxes – Alpha Series. The field proven Alpha Series glovebox systems provide compact and effective platforms for environmental control with excellent price to performance value. The Alpha Series is excellent for both production and R&D applications. The glovebox is available in two sizes: one for projection welding applications and the other for seam sealing or general industrial use. Straight-forward controls allow the operator to easily operate oven, vacuum and inert gas backfill controls.

Key Features

  • Configurations available for integrated seam sealing, projection welding, or stand-alone industry use
  • Stainless steel construction with exterior epoxy finish for easy maintenance
  • Ergonomically designed safety glass viewing window with interior lighting
  • Two glove ports with built-in armrests
  • Antechamber to transfer tools and product into enclosure
  • Standard oil-free vacuum pump with vacuum oven.
  • Optional vacuum bakeout oven
  • Easy access, clean antechamber
  • Calibrated to NIST standards

Technical Specification

  • Enclosure Size (W x D x H) 33.5 in x 24 in x 14.5 in (851 mm x 610 cm x 368 cm) – Seam Sealing Enclosure/2 Glove Ports
  • Enclosure Size (W x D x H) (1130 mm x 889 mm x 508 mm) – Projection Welding Enclosure/2 Glove Ports
  • Antechamber and Oven Sizes (L x W x H) (355 mm x 195 mm x 195 mm) – Stainless Steel
  • Antechamber Controls: Manual: Backfill
  • Oven Controls Manual: Temperature, Vacuum, Backfill
  • Antechamber and Oven Door Loading Options Stainless Steel – End
  • Polycarbonate – Front
  • Oven Heating Configuration Heated walls
  • Bakeout Oven Temperature 125 C – Optional 200 C
  • Input Power 208 – 240 V, 10 A (without oven)
  • 208 – 240 V, 30 A (with oven) Single or 3 Phase

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