Compact Convection Reflow Oven

Vision XC

Product Description

The VisionXC from Rehm Thermal Systems is a compact, high-performance convection soldering system that integrates all essential technological features within a small footprint. This system is ideal for small and medium production batches, laboratories, or demonstration lines. Its tailored transport system offers flexible manufacturing capabilities, even for low throughput or small batch sizes. The VisionXC operates efficiently and sustainably, thanks to its integrated closed-loop principle, ensuring a closed cycle of the atmosphere used. This convection soldering system is not only reliable but also supported globally by Rehm’s expert service team.

Key Features

  • Designed for small and medium production batches, suitable for labs and demo lines
  • Compact design, combining all important technological properties in a small space
  • Tailored transport system for flexible assembly handling
  • Integrated closed-loop principle for energy-efficient and sustainable operation
  • Flexible transport system adaptable to various manufacturing needs
  • Individually controlled heating zones which can be thermally separated from one another for flexible profile management and stable reflow process
  • Multiple peak zones for optimized heat transfer
  • 2 to 4 stage cooling line, depending on the system type, with optional adjustable fans
  • Integrated cold condensation system for easy cleaning of liquid residues
  • All ovens have the option of either air or nitrogen atmosphere

Technical Specification

  • The Vision XC system is modular and can be tailored to customer requirements depending on expected throughput. Options start with 4 preheat, 2 peak, and 2 cooling zones (System Dimension: 3590 x 1672 x 1506mm) up to 9 preheat, 4 peak, and 4 cooling zones (System Dimension: 7440 x 1672 x 1506mm).
  • No-stress cooling to under 50°C for unleaded soldering.
  • ViCON Vision software for intuitive operation and process monitoring.

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