Compact Automatic Vapor Phase Soldering System

Condenso XM Smart

Product Description

The CondensoXM smart from Rehm Thermal Systems is a versatile condensation soldering system that can be seamlessly integrated into various production environments. Whether as an isolated solution for multiple production areas or as an inline system for automated processes, this system offers flexibility and efficiency. It features a patented injection principle for reproducible soldering processes with optimal profiling and a vacuum option for enhanced reliability of soldered joints by reducing voids. The CondensoXM smart is designed for flexible loading, either manually or automatically, making it suitable for a range of production volumes.

Key Features

  • Flexible integration into production environments, either as an isolated or inline system
  • Patented injection principle ensuring reproducible and precise soldering processes
  • Vacuum option for reducing voids in soldered joints, enhancing reliability
  • Flexible cooling options inside and outside the process chamber, with or without nitrogen
  • Manual or automatic loading options, adaptable to various production needs
  • Suitable for a variety of production volumes, from small to large

Technical Specification

  • Maximum assembly size: 650 x 650mm (W x L)
  • Clearance: top 50mm (75mm) / bottom 25mm (0mm)
  • ViCON Condenso software for intuitive operation, process monitoring, and documentation

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