Capture and Collect Data in Offline Stations

TTC Check

Product Description

Cogiscan’s TTC Check IIoT device is an innovative solution designed to extend data capture and process control to manual operations in electronics manufacturing, particularly in smart factory environments. This device is ideal for integrating data capture and traceability into offline operations beyond the SMT line, such as back-end assembly and test stations. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to add traceability and route control to these processes without the need for expensive PC hardware.

Key Features

  • Warning Alarms: Audible alarms alert operators of errors, enhancing process control.
  • Manual Scanning: Facilitates manual scanning at any point in the operation, ideal for back-end assembly and test stations.
  • Offline Control: Extends traceability and route control to manual stations and offline machines like testers.
  • Panel Scan: Allows scanning of panel barcodes only, rather than each circuit barcode, simplifying the process.
  • Intuitive Platform: Features a simple, touch-screen user interface that is operator-friendly.

Technical Specification

  • Resource Saving: Replaces shop-floor PCs, saving space, cost, and maintenance.
  • Error Reduction: Serves as a verification device for operators in manual intensive operations, reducing operational errors.
  • Enhanced Quality Control: Flags products that failed upstream upon scanning, alerting the operator to issues.
  • Extended Traceability: With offline control, traceability is extended to both manual stations and offline machines.

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