PCB Board Cleaning Conveyor


Product Description

The PCB board cleaner conveyor from Vanstron has been specifically designed to remove contamination from bare boards post laser marking and before solder paste and adhesive application. The conveyor is designed to offer full integration into all SMT lines, providing your process with a world class PCB cleaning process.

Key Features

  • Available in different machine widths to accommodate PCB widths of up to 300mm,400mm and 600mm
  • The standard conveyor can process PCB’s lengths from a minimum of 50mm to maximum 500mm
  • Optional non-contact air knife if required

Technical Specification

  • Operating modes: Single Sided – Bypass
  • Processing Speed: 1 – 40 m/min
  • Pass line height: 900 + 50mm
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, Single phase, 50-60Hz
  • Pneumatic Pressure required: 5-7 Bar “Oil free air”
  • PCB size available: Max. width 460mm, Max. length 500mm, Thickness: 0.6mm – 3.0mm maximum.
  • Cleaning method: Adhesive roller + ESD brush + vacuum absorbing (individual selectable according to usage)
  • SIMCO Micro wind on top of conveyor (optional)
  • Electrostatic eliminator: Standard
  • Adhesive roller viscosity: 80μ

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