Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection System

V810i Series

Product Description

The ViTrox V810i S2EX is a groundbreaking Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System (AXI) tailored for SMT PCB assembly lines. Renowned as the world’s fastest AXI system, it offers exceptional test coverage. The system is powered by an integrated controller with 8 Core Intel Xeon processors and runs on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit), ensuring robust and efficient operation.

Key Features

  • High-Performance System Controller: Equipped with an 8 Core Intel Xeon processor-based controller for rapid and reliable processing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features a Microsoft Windows-based software solution with an intuitive GUI and password-protected user levels.
  • Off-line Test Development Software: Available as an optional feature for off-line PCs, enhancing flexibility in test development.
  • CAD Conversion Tool: Supports four different types of CAD in V810i software, with additional software available for converting other CAD data to ViTrox’s format.
  • Line Integration: Offers transport heights between 865mm-1025mm and is compatible with SMEMA and HERMES communication standards.
  • Barcode Reader Compatibility: Works seamlessly with most industry-standard barcode readers.

Technical Specification

  • False Call Rate: Ranges between 500-1000ppm, ensuring high accuracy in defect detection.
  • Minimum Features Detection Capability: Capable of detecting joint pitches of 0.3mm and above, short widths of 0.045mm, and solder thicknesses of 0.0127mm.
  • PCB Handling: Accommodates PCB sizes up to 609.6mm x 482.6mm (24″x19″) in standard mode and 416.6mm x 206mm (16.4″x8.1″) in dual lane mode.
  • Maximum PCB Thickness: Up to 7mm (275 mils) in standard mode and 5mm (196 mils) in dual lane mode.
  • Top and Bottom Clearance of PCB: 50mm at 23µm resolution for top clearance and 70mm for bottom clearance in standard mode.
  • System Footprint: Measures 1566mm x 2145mm x 1972mm, with a total system weight of approximately 3800kgs.

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