90° PCB Turning Station


Product Description

This unit is employed to transfer PCBs around corners to maintain a continuous process flow. It offers both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation options, as well as a bypass mode. The PCB is accepted and transferred to the end of the rails. The carriage then shuttles forward and makes a 90-degree turn. After the turn, the carriage aligns with the next process to deliver the PCB. Once the transfer is complete, the carriage returns to its starting position to request another PCB.

Key Features

  • Mitsubishi PLC program control
  • By-Pass mode + 90 degree turning conveyor (Available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and bypass mode)
  • Motorized conveyor width adjustment
  • LED signal tower & Buzzer
  • Suitable for boards with many components on the bottom side
  • Closed-loop stepper motor providing the rotating driving power
  • SMEMA compatible

Technical Specification

  • Transfer heights: 900mm+/-50mm
  • Transfer direction: Left to right
  • Operation side: Front of machine
  • Fixed rail: Front of machine
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • Conveyor belts: ESD flat belt
  • PCB edge support: 3mm
  • Allowable components clearance: Top 50 mm+ below 25mm
  • PCB inverter cycle time: Around 5s – 8s
  • Air supply: 4-6 bar
  • Safety: CE certificates
  • Control: PLC
  • Voltage: 220V/110V, single phase, 50-60Hz
  • Maximum PCB: 500mm (L) x 460mm (W)

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