3D Multi-Purpose SPI/AOI

Xceed MP

Product Description

The PARMI Multi-Purpose 3D SPI/AOI system is a versatile and efficient solution for PCB inspection needs across various industries. This system is designed to minimize equipment costs, maximize flexibility, and reduce the required floor space, training time, and manpower for operations and maintenance. It’s a fast, accurate, and convenient choice for inspecting solder paste, epoxy, and flux components on PCBs.

Key Features

  • Versatile Inspection Capabilities: Capable of inspecting solder paste, epoxy, and flux components, making it suitable for a wide range of PCB inspection needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Designed to minimize equipment costs while maximizing inspection capabilities.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Requires minimal floor space, making it ideal for compact manufacturing environments.
  • Reduced Training and Operation Costs: Simplifies the training process and reduces the manpower needed for teaching, operation, and maintenance.
  • Flexibility: The system’s design allows for easy integration into different production lines and setups.
  • Fast and Accurate Inspection: Ensures quick and precise inspection results, enhancing production efficiency.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 850 x 1205 x 1510 mm (standard) (3 stage conveyor option: 1210 x 1205 x 1510 mm), 950 x 1310 x 1525 mm (large), and weight of 800 kg (standard), 900 kg (large).
  • Board Dimensions: 480 x 350 mm (standard) (3 stage conveyor option: 420 x 350 mm), 580 x 510 mm (large).
  • Advanced Imaging: Utilizes a fast-speed CMOS camera with a telecentric lens and RGB LED lighting for clear imaging.
  • 3D Inspection Capabilities: Features dual laser projection for inspecting low components near high components, ensuring clear 3D imaging without noise.
  • Efficient Inspection Process: Achieves the fastest inspection speed of 65cm/sec at 14×14µm resolution, with a cycle time of 10 seconds for PCBs measuring 260mm x 200mm.
  • Real-Time Z-Axis Control: Ensures accurate measurements on the base and guarantees accuracy up to 10mm (±5mm) warpage.
  • Teaching and Debugging Efficiency: Offers a fast and easy teaching process with a high non-adjusted ratio, supporting inspection of components up to 40mm in height.

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