3D Bottom Side AOI

Xceed BSI

Product Description

The Xceed BSI from PARMI is a specialized 3D AOI machine designed for bottom side inspection of PCBs, particularly after wave or selective soldering processes. This innovative system eliminates the need for flipping the PCB, thus reducing handling risks and minimizing the production line footprint. It’s adept at inspecting THD (Through-Hole Device) pin positions and heights, solder joints, and general SMD (Surface-Mount Device) components on the bottom side of PCBs.

Key Features

  • 3D AOI for Bottom Side Inspection: Specifically designed for inspecting the underside of PCBs without flipping, enhancing efficiency and safety.
  • Space-Saving Design: Eliminates the need for a PCB flip unit, reducing the required footprint in the production line.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Functions: Includes inspection of wave or selective soldering, THD pin position and height, solder joint inspection (insufficient, excessive, bridging, etc.), and full inspection of mixed technology PCBs (SMD & THD).
  • Accurate Solder Joint Inspection: Utilizes a highly focused laser beam for precise measurement of mirror-like solder joints, ensuring accurate defect detection without false calls.
  • Dual Laser Technology: Provides the capability to inspect components and pins up to 35mm high with the same precision as small components.
  • Consistent Software Environment: Uses the same software and algorithms as the standard Xceed machine, allowing for consistent programming across SMD inspection processes.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimensions: 1030 x 1405 x 1573 mm (standard), 1130 x 1505 x 1573 mm (large), and a weight of 700 kg (standard) and 800 kg (large).
  • Board Dimensions: 410 x 410 mm (standard), 510 x 510 mm (large).
  • Vision System: Shadow-free dual laser triangulation with a 4M Pixel Image Sensor and Telecentric Lens.
  • Performance: Scan speed of 85 sq.cm/s, X-Y-Z resolution of 16.7 x 16.7 x 0.5 µm, height repeatability 3 sigma < 3 µm, and height accuracy of 5 µm.
  • PCB Compatibility: Can inspect PCBs with dimensions ranging from 50 x 50 mm to 410 x 410 mm (standard) and 510 x 610 mm (large), with a thickness of 1-12 mm.

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