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Today, mass-market electronics are manufactured almost exclusively on high-performance assembly machines. Time is literally money. Therefore, two aspects are of particular importance: maximum quantities and minimum changeover time. When it comes to the necessity of counting components before or after the assembly progress most manufacturers are still using the old-fashioned approach of manual counting devices. VisiConsult, as a specialist for X-ray systems and automation, developed the XRHCount in order to speed up this time consuming process. The results can also be used to measure material consumption for accounting and warehouse purposes through an interface.

The XRHCount is a compact X-ray unit to count all common and most special SMT component-types on reels with a diameter up to 400mm.

A huge advantage of the XRHCount is its simplicity. The end user just has to place the reel in the drawer and press one button. The result will be shown immediately. A sophisticated validation scheme delivers a warning in the unlikely case of an uncountable reel. These reels can either be counted manually or stored for later review through a supervisor.


  • Contactless counting
  • Compact Footprint
  • Plug-in and go
  • Intergrated label printer and scanner
  • Tested and approved for 24/7 production

Technical Specification

  • Upto 400mm reel diameter
  • 15s cycle time
  • 127μm pixel size
  • Component size 01005 possible

For further informaton please visit www.visiconsult.com