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Teradyne is a leading supplier of the finest quality, automated electronics testing and inspection equipment. Marketing in-circuit testers (ICT) solutions to the world's leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) suppliers.

Our comprehensive ICT product portfolio includes a range of board test solutions using the industry's most advanced technologies. The systems provide high volume electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality test for the latest PCB technologies.

We aim to help to provide electronics manufacturers ensure the integrity and quality of their products with the highest possible fault coverage and defect detection technology available.

TestStation LH

The TestStation LH system is a cost-effective incircuit test solution for high-volume manufacturers of electronic products.This system features the voltage accuracy and backdrive current measurement embedded in Teradyne's SafeTestTM protection technology for accurate, reliable, and safe powered-up testing of new low-voltage technologies.

Multi-Site Offline

TestStation Multi-Site provides true 2x-4x parallel test, delivering 200% to 400% greater productivity, and 40% to 50% lower total cost of test. TestStation Multi-Site Offline test systems featuring 2,560 test point capability, a sub 1 m2 footprint.

TestStation Multi-Site Inline

Teradyne's new Multi-Site systems deliver full parallel test of multiple boards, providing step-function improvements in system productivity and cost of test. A single Multi-Site system delivers the equivalent productivity of two or more conventional MDA/ICT systems, with half of the recurring cost of operators, fixtures and factory overhead.

TestStation TSR

The TestStation TSR is a collection of hardware modules that can easily be integrated inside custom automated handling equipment. High volume manufacturers can use the modularity of the TSR hardware components to design their own high performance Teradyne in-circuit tester solution, integrated inside a second-party automated handler solution of their choice.

TestStation LX

The TestStation LX system is a cost-effective in-circuit test solution providing high-volume electronics manufacturers with reliable, high-quality test for the latest PCB technologies.Featuring SafeTest protection technologies and a turnkey test programming environment, the TestStation LX system allows direct transfer of test programs and fixtures from all 228X and TestStation in-circuit testers without extra costs or further program development.

TestStation Duo

The TestStation Duo effectively doubles the test throughput of conventional ICT without doubling capital costs or increasing manufacturing floor space by combining two complete and independat test modules inside a single tester frame.