Takaya Flying Probe

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The first Takaya flying probe tester, introduced in 1986, provided a fast, easy to use, and dependable fixtureless tester for the manufacturing world. Since that time the Takaya flying probe tester has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Now in its 7th generation, the Takaya flying probe tester continues to remain the number one name and choice with the leading manufacturing companies around the world. Since no conventional bed-of-nails (test fixture) is required and the initial test program creation from the CAD file is quick and easy, total development time is measured in hours instead of days.

Fixtureless testers allow for easy inspection of SMT boards and are ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications as well as low and medium volume production runs. With so much to offer, it's no wonder Takaya flying probe testers are used by more CM's and OEM's than any other flying probe tester in the world.


The APT-1400F is a next-generation flying probe test system which has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage. Removing the requirement for a conventional bed-of-nails fixture and providing a wide variety of test facility will contribute largely to your R&D department and NPI section that ought to validate low-volume productions.


Whether placed in a production line or used in a prototype lab, the APT-9411 easily adapts to both the OEM and CM environments while providing years of peak performance and reliable operation. In keeping with their reputation for quality, Takaya uses only the most reliable ball screw and slide rail mechanisms which have been designed for accuracy, stability and durability. This attention to detail is a major factor leading to the system's superior positioning performance.

APT-9401 SL

With the ability to accept a board as large as 25"W x 26"L, the APT-9401SL is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding test applications. If you desire more advanced testing, several options are available which will enhance the overall effectiveness of the Takaya.

APT-9600 CE

The most-advanced Takaya in the APT-9000CE series, designed for small to medium-sized PCB's. It has a total of six flying probes (4 top & 2 bottom) that flexibly move over and under the boards at the same time. The XY moving mechanisms for the top are inherited from the existing APT-9411 series, that ensures high precision and stable probe contact at high speed.