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Takaya: Flying Probe Test

The first Takaya Flying Probe tester was introduced in 1986, it provided a fast, easy to use and dependable fixtureless tester for PCB manufacturers. Ever since, the Takaya Flying Probe tester has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence. Now in its 7th generation, the Takaya Flying Probe tester continues to remain the number one name and choice with the leading manufacturing companies around the world. Since no conventional bed-of-nails (test fixtures) are required and the initial test program creation, from the CAD file is quick and easy, this results in a total development time that is measured in hours instead of days.

Fixtureless testers allow for easy testing of PCBs and are ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications, as well as low and medium volume production runs. With so much to offer, it's no wonder Takaya Flying Probe testers are used by more CEM's and EMS suppliers than any other Flying Probe tester in the world.