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Smart Material Flow

Neotel Technology: Smart Material Flow

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Smart Materials Flow
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Neotel Technology Co., Ltd, is a leading global developer and manufacturer of intelligent automation technology for smart material handling. Offering a range of automated material handling systems covering the entire material flow - from goods-in scan, through to storage and retrieval to stock replenishment - Neotel helps customers optimise materials management in real time, maximise productivity, efficiency and product quality.

Neotel’s SMD Box range offers innovative solution for automated material storage and retrieval, designed to minimise and mobilise and digitalise stock in order to secure inventory, increase productivity and accuracy. The Neo Light range is an intelligent solution for digital material management, enabling work order distribution, BOM synchronisation, multi work order processing, stock return and real-time inventory. Neotel's Smart Material Flow Platform provides the only cloud-based solution that deploys in very short period to address multiple applications – including electronics material handling and data collection - with a common, unified, cloud-based platform.


For further information please visit www.neotel-technology.com