Modus AOI

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For several decades now, the Modus Company has been a pioneering force in the AOI sector. The Modus objective is to develop fast scanner systems for industrial use. Modus develops, produces and sells automatic test and inspection systems (AOI) for production control of serial manufacturing.

The increasing miniaturization of electronic devices and escalating demands towards quality control and cost effectiveness makes it necessary to have test control units, which are fast, reliable and easy to set up.

Without any reduction of production line speeds, the Modus inspection system is able to check every product 100 %. Often the system is integrated in-line.

Modus has many customers in the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics sectors. Several customers manufacture small batch/high variety . They have high expectations for production quality and reliability.

Today, there are more than 650 systems in service. This makes Modus the European market leader for scanner AOIs.


The double-line system modus AOI AOI S1-IDN-R is used for PCB inspection from above and below. It has two multi-LED illuminated imaging units and two special patented lenses that produce parallax images.


The inline AOI system modus AOI S1-IUN used for PCB inspection from below. It features a multi-LED illuminated imaging units and a patented special lens that creates parallax images.

Modular iScan 420

The virtually maintenance free modular modusAOI was developed specifically for conveyor belt modules of production lines. It can easily be retrofitted into existing lines.


The triple-line AOI system modus AOI S1-ITM-R made for PCB inspection from top,bottom and bottom up.


The modus AOI S1-IOA for the printed circuit board inspection from above has a multi-LED illuminated scanner unit as well as a patented special lens which generates a parallax free picture.


The offline system (double-user mode) modus AOI MLD1200-DS enabled simultaneous automatic optical inspection of both sides (top and bottom) of printed circuit board in one step.

MCS10 Inline

Optical inspection by the new camera system allows the cost-effective and flexible testing of individual production processes.


The double AOI system is designed for simultaneously inspection from top and bottom. The system has two multi-LED illuminated scanner units as well as the patented special lenses which generate parallax free pictures. It includes modus control units with the modus software.