Siemens Gerber Expert

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Gerber Expert is a Gerber-to-CAD reverse engineering tool. By using its highly automated tools and processes, you are able to quickly reverse engineer a set of Gerber files into usable file formats including Fat-f. The Fat-f file is an industry standard, generic CAD format that is owned by Siemens PLM Software. It can be used to import data into any of the Tecnomatix® software for electonics manufacturing solutions such as Unicam FX, Assembly and Test Expert and MES.

The ability to reverse engineer Gerber data is critical since Gerber data is the most common format supplied to PCB manufacturers. All CAD designs are exported into Gerber files for production tooling and photo artwork generation. Often, this is the only data that users can readily obtain.


  • Provides full support for traditional industry data formats (Gerber, Drill, Mill, IPC-D-356, HPGL, DXF and more).
  • Database navigator provides quick and easy access to important design data and frequently-used functions; no need to hunt through menus and toolbars.
  • High-speed graphics

Technical Specification

  • Polygon support (intelligent raster fill, POEX/POIN, G36/G37)
  • ODB++ import and export (support for valor and frontline solutions)
  • Gerber 274D and 274X import and export

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