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Flying Probe PCB Test Services

Accelonix UK and Ireland have over 25 years of experience testing printed circuit boards, offering specialised in-circuit, fixtureless pcb testing capabilities, using the legendary TAKAYA flying probe tester. Our PCB Contract Test Services meet the evolving demands of the electronics industry by providing fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions to test printed circuit board assemblies.

Go Fixtureless:

We understand getting fixtures made can be a costly and time-consuming process, a new fixture must be created every time to test a PCB design, which is not practical for low-volume production.

Accelonix offer the full-turn key solution to these problems, providing unparalleled test capabilities and speed accuracy for fast-turn around and complete pcb board testing. What’s more, our Flying Probe Test equipment offers greater functionality with its precision probes, allowing connections to be made on smaller HDI’s and PCB’s - a method the ‘bed of nails’ ICT cannot achieve.

Our test centre is equipped with the performant TAKAYA Flying Probe machine, as well as with powerful PCB Testing Software for CAD analysis, Test Coverage calculations and Test Program Generation. We can even provide solutions of Test Combination with X-Ray Analysis of hidden solder joints and JTAG/Boundary Scan for testing high density digital boards and In-System Programming of Flash/EEPROM components. Our engineers inspect and test your boards with great attention to detail, testing for short circuits, dry joints; reducing the need for rework and delivering accurate results.

Our Flying Probe PCB Test Services Include:

  • Probing onto a minimum contact pad of 80 microns
  • AOI camera for presence, polarity, letter and go
  • LED functional testing with colour and intensity test
  • Vectorless test IC-opens
  • Extra power-up testing if required
  • Simple optical tests
  • Why Choose Accelonix:

  • Fast Turn-around Flying Probe Test for prototypes and low volume production
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert Engineers
  • Low Cost Solutions – no fixtures required
  • Reporting on test results and test coverage
  • Digital or paper error reports
  • Statistical Analysis