The Table Top Shadow Moiré


Product Description

The TTSM is a metrology solution that utilizes the Shadow Moiré measurement technique combined with automated phase-stepping to characterize out-of-plane displacement for samples up to 310 mm square. The Shadow Moiré technique provides a rapid and accurate measurement at room temperature for single or multiple parts. Designed for room temperature applications, it will measure single parts down to 4 mm square up to a full field of view of 310 x 300 mm in under two seconds for 1.2 million pixels. Utilising the STUDIO software suite developed by Akrometrix and used in the full range of systems, the TTSM will give the user a fully automated data collection and batch data analysis capability to give a high throughput of samples. In addition, the Part Tracking technology uses edge recognition technology to locate a part in space, then automatically crop and rotate the sample for processing the identified surface area. The TTSM is designed for use in laboratory and production line installations and will increase system throughput by reducing setup time, improve run to run repeatability and improve system to system and user to user reproducibility.

Key Features

  • Room temperature measurement solution
  • Substrate sizes to 330 mm square
  • Capacity for 300 mm wafer or 2 JEDEC trays
  • Full field of view measurement in 2 seconds
  • Z-axis resolution options to 1.25 µm
  • Part Tracking Technology
  • Potential to operate inline
  • Uses same STUDIO Software suite as with other Akrometrix machines

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