Streamlined MSD Compliance in PCBA Manufacturing

MSD Control

Product Description

Cogiscan’s MSD Control application is a fully automated solution tailored for electronics manufacturers, particularly in the PCBA sector. It ensures strict adherence to the complex rules surrounding Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) handling, guaranteeing full compliance with the latest IPC/JEDEC standards. This application simplifies the management process of MSDs by automating calculations for exposure time, bake and re-dry time, dry storage time, and Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), including considerations for Short Duration Exposure (SDE).

Key Features

  • Precise Tracking: Accurate tracking of the real-time location and remaining floor life of individual trays and reels containing MSDs.
  • Accurate Calculations: Automated calculations for exposure time, bake and re-dry time, and dry storage time.
  • Automatic Alerts: Notifications for critical timelines and conditions to ensure compliance and prevent material degradation.
  • Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive reports on MSD handling, storage, and usage.
  • Closed-loop Process Control: Prevents the use of expired MSDs in production through physical interlocking of the SMT line.
  • IPC/JEDEC Standards Compliance: Ensures adherence to the latest industry standards for MSD handling.

Technical Specification

  • Real-Time Status Monitoring: Provides the current status and physical location of MSDs on the assembly line, in dry cabinets, re-sealed dry bags, and ovens.
  • Reduction in Line Downtime and Baking Cycle: Significantly reduces line downtime and baking cycles, enhancing overall production efficiency.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing manufacturing systems for streamlined operations.

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