Standard Volumetric Dispensing


Product Description

The Dos P series of piston dispensers, including models P016, P050, P100, P300, and TCA, are high-precision volumetric dispensers engineered by Scheugenpflug. These dispensers are designed to process both 1C and 2C materials, covering a broad spectrum of applications. They are particularly noted for their precise dispensing cylinders, which enable reproducible material volumes, ensuring high levels of process reliability. The Dos P series stands out for its ability to handle potting media that are sensitive to pressure, moisture, or shearing, carefully feeding them through the dispenser without altering the material’s properties.

Key Features

  • High-precision volumetric dispensing suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Consistent mixing ratios ensured by simultaneous discharge of both cylinders into a shared mixing tube
  • Capable of handling materials sensitive to pressure, moisture, or shearing
  • Fast and easy maintenance with a long service life and reduced servicing costs
  • Optional features like valve monitoring, mixing tube heating, and dispenser heating for flexible adaptation to various requirements
  • Sensor monitoring of inlet and outlet valves and cylinder filling for enhanced control

Technical Specification

  • Models: P016, P050, P100, P300, and TCA
  • Weight varies from 13 kg (P016) to 48.5 kg (P300)
  • Maximum volume per shot for 2C materials at a 1:1 ratio ranges from 35 ml (P016) to 318 ml (P300)
  • Suitable for 1C and 2C materials, both filled and abrasive
  • Operates under atmospheric pressure with limited vacuum capabilities
  • Ideal for liquid, highly viscous, filled, and abrasive materials

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