Solder Paste Storage Solution


Product Description

SMD BOX SP is a state-of-the-art system designed for the storage and retrieval of solder paste, a critical component in the soldering process. Recognizing the environmental sensitivity of solder paste, this system automates key practices to ensure optimal use. It begins by using a camera to read barcode information, extracting essential data like manufacturing date and part number. The solder paste is then automatically allocated to a Cooling Area, followed by a transition to an Environment Temperature Area based on user-defined storage periods. The built-in mixer, with its high-speed capabilities, optimizes viscosity and addresses air bubble issues, thereby reducing potential defects in future processes. This user-programmable mixing process ensures quality control and integrates seamlessly with user traceability systems for comprehensive monitoring.

Key Features

  • Automated storage and retrieval process for solder paste
  • Barcode reading for critical information extraction
  • Automated allocation to Cooling and Environment Temperature Areas
  • Built-in high-speed mixer for viscosity optimization and air bubble removal
  • User-programmable mixing process for tailored solder paste preparation
  • Camera system for barcode information reading and extraction
  • Automated mechanics for solder paste allocation to different temperature areas
  • User-defined storage periods in Environment Temperature Area
  • High-speed mixer for solder paste viscosity optimization
  • Integration with user traceability systems for comprehensive process monitoring
  • Programmable mixing process for customization according to specific requirements
  • Designed to maintain solder paste quality and reduce process defects

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1450 x 1450 x 2600 mm and weight of 950 kg.
  • Compatibility material: Solder paste, Glue in both cartridge and syringe
  • Material mixer
  • 220V power supply for efficient operation
  • Environment: 0 – 10 degrees c adjustable
  • Barcode Recognition, OCR, Image Recognitions

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