SMT stencil storage

NeoLight Stencil

Product Description

Neo Light Stencil, also known as Smart SMT Stencil Racks, is a specialized storage solution for SMT stencils, utilizing a guided lighting system to assist users in the picking and placing of SMT stencils. This system is designed to streamline the storage and retrieval of SMT stencils, a crucial component in the solder paste application process on PCBs. By integrating Pick to Light technology, Neo Light Stencil ensures efficient and error-reduced management of SMT stencils, making it an essential tool in modern electronics manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Guided lighting system for precise SMT stencil picking and placing
  • Customizable to accommodate different SMT stencil sizes
  • Work Order and Job List-driven stencil picking and placing process
  • Connectivity with MES, WMS, and ERP systems
  • Powered by Smart Material Flow (SMF) software for enhanced stencil management
  • Pick to Light (PTL) technology for guided stencil storage and retrieval
  • Storage process includes scanning of stencil ID and LED-guided placement
  • Retrieval process facilitated by stencil picking list creation and LED indication
  • SMF software integration for controlling and automating electronics materials
  • Connectivity features for seamless integration with existing IT systems
  • Comprehensive traceability for monitoring the movement of SMT stencils
  • Advanced reporting system for real-time, dynamic reports and custom dashboards

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1650 x 800 x 2680 mm
  • Maximum capacity of: 90 Stencils
  • Touch screen: option

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