Single Sided Flying Probe Tester


Product Description

The Takaya APT-1400F is a groundbreaking Flying Probe test system that revolutionizes the approach to PCB testing in R&D and production environments. This system is designed to meet the challenges of testing complex and densely populated circuit boards, commonly found in today’s high-tech industries. By eliminating the need for traditional bed-of-nails fixtures, the APT-1400F offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for validating prototypes and low-volume production runs. Its advanced technology ensures high-speed testing without sacrificing accuracy, making it a valuable asset for any electronics manufacturer aiming to enhance their testing capabilities and reduce time-to-market.

Key Features

  • Six Flying Probes: The APT-1400F features six highly agile probes, including two vertical probes, which significantly expand the test coverage by reaching areas that were previously inaccessible. 
  • Optimized for Complex Boards: Specially developed to handle the intricacies of modern circuit boards, the APT-1400F can efficiently test boards with a high density of components. 
  • High-Speed and Reliable Testing: The system’s design focuses on achieving a balance between rapid testing and consistent reliability, ensuring quick turnaround times without compromising test quality. 
  • Advanced Mechanical Design: The XY table and axis mechanisms have been re-engineered for optimal performance, accommodating the high-speed movement of the test probes. 
  • Innovative Test Algorithms: The APT-1400F incorporates cutting-edge test algorithms that significantly enhance the test coverage, ensuring thorough examination of each board. 
  • JTAG/Boundary Scan Integration: This optional feature adds another layer of testing capability, allowing for more comprehensive diagnostics and fault detection. 
  • Versatile Probe Configuration: The system’s four standard moving probes, complemented by two optional vertical Z mechanisms, offer a versatile approach to testing, accommodating various board layouts and component configurations. 
  • Enhanced Optical System: The system’s sophisticated optical system plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate probe placement and effective verification of test results.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1400 x 1500 x 1400 mm (APT1400F – offline),  1400 x 1500 x 1500 mm (APT1400F-A – inline), 1520 x 1620 x 1400 mm (APT1400F-SL – large offline), 1520 x 1620 x 1400 mm (APT1400f-SL-A – large inline), and weight of 1350 kg (APT1400F), 1400 kg (APT1400F-A), 1450 kg (APT1400F-SL), 1500 kg (APT1400F-SL-A). 
  • Board Dimensions: 540 x 483 mm (APT1400F), 540 x 483 mm / 890 x 483 mm (APT1400F-A), 635 x 610 mm (APT1400F-SL), 635 x 610 mm / 985 x 610 mm (APT1400F-SL-A). 
  • Component height:  Bottom – 120 mm (APT1400F), 60 mm (APT1400F-A), 120 mm (APT1400F-SL), 60 mm (APT1400F-SL-A), Top – 60 mm all models. 
  • Board weight: 5 kg (APT1400F), 3 kg (APT1400F-A), 8 kg / 15 kg (APT1400F-SL), 10 kg / 15 kg (APT1400F-SL-A). 
  • Speed & Accuracy: Combination test : Max – 0.02 – 0.03 sec / step (APT1400F/APT1400F-A), 0.03 – 0.04 sec / step (APT1400F-SL/APT1400F-SL-A). Positioning repeatability of flying probe (XY) – +/- 25 to +/- 40um in the heigh precision mode (APT1400F/APT1400F-A), +/- 30 to +/- 40um in the heigh precision mode (APT1400F-SL/APT1400F-SL-A). Minimum pad size for flying probes – 60 – 80 um in the heigh precision mode (APT1400F/APT1400F-A), 80 – 100 um in the heigh precision mode (APT1400F-SL/APT1400F-SL-A). 

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