Semi-Automatic Vacuum Dispensing System


Product Description

The VDS U (Universal) Vacuum Dispensing System by Scheugenpflug is designed to meet the most demanding quality requirements in series production. This system is particularly effective for complex workpieces, offering high component quality and flexibility in design and engineering. It features a dispensing unit for either 1C or 2C potting media and uses the LiquiPrep LP804 system for bubble-free feeding of the potting medium. The powerful vacuum pumps in the VDS U ensure a complete evacuation of the space around the components, resulting in bubble-free and homogeneous filling. This system is available in various models, either as standalone systems or for integration into production lines, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Suitable for complex workpieces with demanding quality requirements
  • Dispensing unit available for 1C or 2C potting media
  • LiquiPrep LP804 system for bubble-free material feeding
  • Powerful vacuum pumps for effective evacuation
  • Short cycle times with the ability to pot multiple components per evacuation
  • XYZ axis system for precise dispensing contours under vacuum
  • Heated dispensing unit and tubes for optimal material handling
  • Intuitive operation with UViS 5 visualization software
  • Versatile for integration into production lines or as standalone systems

Technical Specification

  • Potting and insulation of electronic components
  • Conformal coating for environmental protection
  • Vacuum bonding for strong and reliable adhesions
  • Ideal for self-leveling casting resins
  • Potting of coil products, transformers, and LED potting

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