Semi-Auto Fine Wire bonder ZY- Wedge and Ball


Product Description

The HB16 series bench top wire bonder is easy to use and ideal for laboratories, pilot production runs and small-scale production lines. The system is configured with a single bond head for ball and wedge bonding – no bond head change is required. An intuitive user interface provides the user with access to all bond parameters and bonding recipes stored on the machine.. The HB16 series also benefits from a motorised Y and Z axis giving a greater control over the looping parameters, allowing the user to create consistent and repeatable wire bonds with ease.

Key Features

  • Motorised Z and Y axis
  • Loop Profile Software with up to 10 Steps
  • Intuitive Interface with Touch Screen Control
  • Simple change between Ball and Wedge Bonding
  • Deep and Wide Access Bondhead
  • Automatic Bond Height Adjustment
  • Electronic Wire Clamp for Precise Tail Length Control
  • Parameters Entered using Real Units of Force and Time
  • Motorised Wire Spool for Consistent Looping

Technical Specification

  • Gold Wire Diameter 17-75µm (0.7 – 3 mil)
  • Aluminium Wire Diameter 17-75µm (0.7 – 3mil)
  • Ribbon Size up to 25×250µm (1×8 mil)
  • 62kHz Transducer PLL Control
  • Ultrasonic Power 0-5 Watt Output
  • Bond Time 0-10 seconds
  • Bond Force 5-150cNm (350cNm option)
  • 90° Wire Feed Angle
  • 17mm Z Travel

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