Semco & Euro Cartridge

Dos A90C

Product Description

The A90 C system from Scheugenpflug is a compact and user-friendly solution for providing material via standard Semco or Euro cartridges. This system operates using compressed air, which pushes the cartridge trigger and feeds the material from the cartridge to the dispenser. The pneumatic cylinder’s piston moves the cartridge trigger over the workpiece’s surface, ensuring smooth dispensing. The system’s design includes various colored LEDs to alert the operator when the cartridge fill level falls below a defined minimum value. Additionally, a small viewing window allows the operator to check the presence of a cartridge. The A90 C is noted for its ease of cartridge replacement, offering a reliable and trouble-free material preparation system at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Compact design, ideal for space-saving setups
  • Easy to use, suitable for various assembly applications
  • Interference-free feeding of even small quantities
  • Compatible with Semco and Euro cartridges
  • Visual indicators for monitoring cartridge fill levels
  • Simple cartridge replacement for operational convenience
  • Pneumatic operation for smooth material dispensing
  • Suitable for portal axle assembly

Technical Specification

  • Models available for different cartridge sizes: Semco 6 oz, 12 oz, 20 oz, and Euro 310
  • Operates under atmospheric pressure
  • Suitable for liquid and highly viscous materials
  • Not recommended for continuous preparation or feeding under vacuum
  • Dimensions and weight vary based on the cartridge size

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