Sawing Line for Leadframe & PCBs

Fico FSL

Product Description

With the launch of the new Fico Sawing Line (FSL), Besi initiates yet another era in singulation. The FSL is the only integrated singulation system on the market.

Singulation is a 4 step process where – from a large strip – individual products are sawn, cleaned, inspected and sorted. In the Fico Sawing Line, Besi has integrated all these process steps into one single machine. With its compact size the FSL has the highest output per square meter. The FSL carries out all process steps simultaneously using reliable vacuum on each single product, instead of tape. The unique and patented sawing method has the best scrap handling in the market and an unsurpassed accuracy. 100% inspection ensures that only perfect products leave the machine.

With the FSL, singulation is elevated to an art, the art of singulation.

Key Features

  • Integrated sawing & sorting
  • Single supplier solution
  • Automatic calibration and adjustment
  • Real time process monitoring
  • Tapeless process
  • Very small package handling

Technical Specification

  • Full feature analysis on all sawing lines
  • Automatic strip geometry compensation
  • Optimized scrap handling – upside down sawing (patented)
  • In line saw blade diameter measurement
  • Automatic saw blade coolant adjustment
  • Saw blade break detection
  • Top and bottom cleaning
  • Brush cleaning (optional)
  • 100% top and bottom inspection
  • Highest accuracy
  • Laser marking inspection – OCV

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