Program Creation for Manufacturing and Testing


Product Description

FabXpert is a software solution and digital data management tool designed for the electronic circuit manufacturing industry. It addresses various needs by offering specialized modules for manufacturing, testing, creating work instructions, test coverage, and repair station module. FabXpert is part of a software suite based on ease of use, creative support, and rapid development.

Key Features

  • Availability of numerous CAD interfaces
  • Ultra-fast and customizable PCB viewer
  • Link between the graphic representation of the PCB and the electrical diagram
  • Efficient importer of graphic bills of materials, text, and Excel formats
  • User-assistance-oriented editing menus to prevent the omission of important information
  • Consideration of component rotation offsets for placement
  • Distribution of components by scenario, automatically created from the bill of materials
  • Creation tool for Classic ICT (Bed of Nails) and Flying Probe Testers
  • Integrated DFT Module, accessibility, and Test Coverage
  • Numerous output interfaces for placement, inspection, and testing machines

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