PCBA Material Management and Control

Material Control

Product Description

Cogiscan’s Material Control software is an essential tool for PCBA manufacturers, designed to optimize production by ensuring continuous feed and operation of SMT lines. This comprehensive application addresses the challenges of managing thousands of components daily, offering five key modules: Inventory Management, Kitting Control, LCR Control, Quarantine Control, and Time Sensitive Material Control. By implementing thorough inventory management, PCBA manufacturers can significantly maximize their profit margins.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Real-time tracking of the exact location, quantity, and status of all materials throughout the factory.
  • Kitting Control: Ensures efficient preparation and delivery of materials for production runs.
  • LCR Support: Manages and monitors the location and quantity of all labeled materials in real-time.
  • Quarantine Control: Isolates and flags quarantined materials to prevent their use in production, thereby eliminating contamination.
  • Time Sensitive Material Control: Manages materials with expiration dates or specific storage requirements to prevent their use beyond shelf life.
  • TTC Go! App Integration: Facilitates mobile access to inventory data, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

Technical Specification

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: Validates every element of the SMT machine setup and monitors material status.
  • Unique ID Generation: Assigns a unique ID to all individual materials for precise tracking.
  • ERP, MOM, MES Integration: Seamlessly integrates with external systems for comprehensive material control.
  • Automated Setup Validation: Saves time and money by automating the validation process.
  • Complete Visibility: Offers real-time tracking of inventory locations and quantities for a comprehensive view of inventory levels.

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