Multitest Bond Tester


Product Description

The Royce 620 Multitest Bond Tester offers an attractive bond test solution that is midway between the Royce 650 and the Royce 610. It performs all the most frequently used applications, and it employs manual sample positioning, which in some applications allows for higher productivity over a motorized XY stage. In addition to the features that are common to the Royce 650 and 620, the Royce 620 also offers a responsive joystick and manipulator. The joystick allows the operator to control the Z height positioning of the module (and tool rotation for wire pull testing), while the manual manipulator allows the operator to control the XY and theta movements of the part. The Royce 620 is fully compatible with the Royce 550 and Royce 552 manipulators, test piece holders, and tools. When performing destructive bond testing the maximum load is monitored and the test stops automatically when the load force falls from its maximum. Non-destructive testing is controlled so that the rate of load application exactly meets the user’s programmed limit. Load variance also is programmable by the user prior to testing to provide stricter controls.

Key Features

  • Responsive Joystick and Manipulator for easy Operator Control
  • Ergonomic Design to Support Operator Comfort Over Long Shifts
  • Simple Calibration Interface to Allow User to Quickly and Easily Check and Recalibrate the Instrument with On-Screen Instructions
  • The Joystick Allows the Operator to Control the Z Height Positioning of the Module (and Tool Rotation for Wire Pull Testing)
  • The Manual Manipulator Allows the Operator to Control the XY and Theta Movements of the Part
  • Compatibility with Legacy Systems including the Royce 550 and Royce 552 Manipulators, Test Piece Holders and Tools

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Wire Pull Test Force: 10 kgf
  • Maximum Shear Test Force: 5 kgf
  • Z Resolution: ±0.1 μm
  • Maximum Push Test Force (3 Point Die Strength Test): 10 kgf
  • Manual Manipulators (MPS-2 and MPS-3)
  • Step Back Accuracy: ±1 μm Over 2 mm Travel
  • Total System Accuracy: ±0.1%v
  • Computer: Internal Windows 7 PC with Bond Test Manager

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